Enabling Innovation in Health Insurance

The right data, to the right people at the right time.

Our Mission

Health insurance is going through a disruption driven by the ACA, consumerization and technology.  Consumers are demanding choice and transparency.  But healthcare insurance data – plan information and rates; network affiliations; formularies and more – live in many different places and formats.

Vericred aggregates and standardizes data from thousands of sources and delivers structured data to health insurance technology companies through a REST API in easily ingestible formats.

We enable functionality and transparency while reducing costs.

Our Solutions

Provider Network Data

With increasingly narrow networks and fewer health insurance plans offering out of network benefits, finding a health plan that includes the specific doctors consumers want has never been more important, as is finding a new doctor who participates in that plan.

Vericred’s provider-network data allows health insurance technology companies to provide “shop by doctor” plan search functionality, allowing the consumer to see “who’s in and who’s out” of all available health plans.

Health Insurance Formulary Data

Greater than half of adults take prescription drugs on a regular basis, driving approximately 20% of U.S. healthcare costs.  As health insurance formularies become more restrictive, knowing if your drug is covered and how much you will pay for that drug, when shopping for a health plan is critical.

Vericred’s formulary data brings transparency to this complex topic enabling health insurance sales and quoting platforms to offer “shop by drug” functionality.

Health Plan Design and Rate Data

With over 40,000 individual under 65 and small group health plans, simply building a library of plan designs and rates is onerous. Without a complete library, health insurance shopping platforms are not bringing the full extent of choice to their customers.

Vericred’s plan design and rate data enables technology companies to populate their plan offerings easily. Vericred delivers plan design and rate data in customer-defined formats for easy ingestion and rapid deployment.


Health insurance quoting, sales and utilization is going digital. However most insurance companies are not technology companies and lack basic functionality for delivering structured data through an API. Even if every insurance company had an API, what technology platform wants to maintain hundreds of integration points?

Vericred’s API delivers easily ingestible plan design and rate, provider network and formulary data for all carriers through a single integration point.  We’ve even built SDKs in ten languages to simplify development.

So if you are building a health insurance sales, enrollment or utilization app, why use your resources to build and maintain these datasets? Vericred delivers complete data at a cost less than that to build and maintain it, freeing technology companies to focus their resources on building features, functionality and user experiences.

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