The Vericred Perspective

Work Smart -

Process and efficiency give us our cutting edge. The win happens in the details.

Work Hard -

Extra effort makes all the difference... and there’s always good coffee nearby.

Work to Grow -

If individuals don’t grow themselves, the company will never grow.

Work Together -

People matter, they are the reason we do what we do.

Think Differently -

Creative thinking brings innovation.

Connecting as a Team

Office Lunches

We are foodies, and we order the good stuff.

Interest Talks

Our team has a variety of interests and we like to show and tell.

Office Yoga

Because yoga is good for the mind and body.

Team Outings

Cheese tastings, bowling, roof top bbq’s, you name it.

Movie Nights

Employees pick their favorites.

f RYE day

Every Friday at 4pm rye is poured and we reflect on the week.

Meet Our People

Michael Levin

CEO / Co-Founder

Dan Langevin

CTO / Co-Founder

Luke Romeo


Iris Rosado

Data Coordinator

Nadine Bal

Data Coordinator

Ariel Ford

Junior Engineer

Thomas Aguilar


Keriann Iovino

Office Manager

Courtney Williams

Director, Carrier Relations

Ali Sarkis

Lead Engineer

Alison Marcone

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Catherine Chiong

Director of
Customer Support & Success

Annie Chen

Marketing Associate

Sofia Johnson

Data Coordinator

Joanna Seirup

Health Economist

Edmund Kump

Senior Engineer

Virginia Loeffler

Data Coordinator

Charles Sun

Product Manager

Julian Ferdman

Senior Product Manager

Cole Brumaghim

Analytics SaaS Sales

Marlena Sarunac

Director of Marketing

Matthew Dane

Data Coordinator

Chenxi Li

Business Analyst,
Provider-Network Data

Eric Chen

Lead Engineer

Nicholas Rivadeneira

Director of Engineering

Kevin Boyce

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Patrick Kelly

Director of Sales

Rosa Zadeh

Product Manager

Mitchell Napolitano

Product Manager

Brian Graham


John Condrat

Director, Carrier Relations

Kara H

Data Administrator

Zach Wallens

Communications Manager


Carrier Operations Coordinator


Chief Barketing Officer


Chief Lunch Inspector


Chief Zooming Officer


Chief Wagnology Officer