Is your tech platform prepared to take advantage of Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRA), a brand new employer-sponsored health insurance option?

In the age of personalized benefits and the consumerization of healthcare, ICHRAs — available as of January 2020 — are a significant step toward reinventing health insurance as a customizable, 401(k)-style benefit. To help you examine whether the ICHRA market fits your platform’s product roadmap, we’ve produced this downloadable digital toolkit.

If you’re interested in developing your own ICHRA solutions, contact us for a consultation to learn how Vericred’s APIs can help you streamline your development of ICHRA user experiences. We support both the individual and group markets, enabling you to offer users a seamless transition from group plan to ICHRA.

Download ICHRA Toolkit

For InsurTech And HR Platforms

In this digital toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Information on how ICHRA works
  • In-depth, data-driven industry analysis
  • Use cases for leveraging APIs to build digital ICHRA solutions

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