By Patrick Kelly, Vericred’s Director of Sales   I recently traveled to Atlanta for The 11th National Conference for the Medicare Supplement Insurance Industry, an annual summit bringing together professionals who market, sell, price, administer and support Medicare supplement insurance. For hundreds of field agents and representatives from insurance carriers and technology platforms, the conference was an … Continued

Almost Here: Round-the-Corner Future Technology, a FutureTech Podcast that discusses the future technologies transforming our lives recently spent some time with Michael Levin, Vericred Co-Founder and CEO, to talk about healthcare, insurance and data.     In the podcast, they discuss today’s health insurtech landscape, the digital health insurance environment and some of the challenges … Continued

For the past 10-15 years, APIs have been considered the “modern” way for two software systems to interact. But an API isn’t the solution to every problem. At Vericred, we provide large volumes of health and benefit data to partners for integration into their platform or their product, and when we were developing our integration … Continued