The Platform

We enable insurance carriers to interact with health insurance and employee benefits technology companies to create digital quote-to-card experiences. We are expanding the opportunity by bringing technology to market, specifically APIs, that transform the speed, reliability, and efficiency for delivering health insurance and employee benefits. We are a platform that, like the universe, is always expanding.


Carriers partner with Vericred to enable their digital distribution strategy. We are a one-to-many middleware solution, enabling carriers to meet the needs of InsurTech and digital health companies without IT investment and without going through contracting, security reviews, integrations, testing, maintenance, and migrations with tens or hundreds of organizations.

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Tech Companies

Tech companies partner with Vericred so that they can focus on building features, functionality, and user experiences instead of the underlying data and connectivity.

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Enabling Innovation

We enable digital solutions that are modernizing the way health insurance and employee benefits are quoted, sold, enrolled, managed, and used.



Vericred’s quoting (rating) solution makes it easy for carriers to gain representation on the digital quoting platforms driving today’s business and enables technology partners to spend more time focusing on customer experience and functionality and less time chasing underlying data sets and building carrier integrations.

Quoting Solutions

Decision Support

Vericred’s data solutions enable tech companies to build robust decision support experiences, bringing transparency and guidance to the confusing world of health insurance and employee benefits. From plan search to provider search and physician referrals to ICHRAs, Vericred offers a single point of integration for those seeking to deliver individual, employer, and broker-facing solutions.

Decision Support Solutions


Vericred’s enrollment and member management (eligibility) solution provides both carriers and tech platforms with one-to-many solutions for these complex mission critical functions. From new group installation through demographic changes to reconciliation, our enrollment solution eliminates the need for expensive direct connections.

Enrollment Solutions Solutions

Platform Benefits

Building and maintaining “point connections” is untenable. As a one-to-many middleware solution, we provide our carrier and tech partners with substantial technical and financial leverage.

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Enable Functionality

Our data solutions break down the data walls and silos that stand in the way of innovation. Modern developers demand APIs, and that’s what we deliver. Carriers seeking to enable the digital landscape now have a solution to deliver APIs to developers without building them.

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Speed Deployment

Carriers and tech companies alike are resource constrained. Deploying and scaling functionality doesn’t have to take months … or years. An integration with Vericred provides the leverage you seek.

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Reduce Costs

Contracting, security reviews, integrations, testing, and migrations across 10’s or 100’s of partners are extraordinarily expensive. Vericred’s solutions, for both carriers and tech companies, are less expensive than building and maintaining point connections.

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Our Solutions Enable Your Company’s Mission

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