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Insurance Card Scanning API

Most people don’t know what insurance plan they have, let alone what network is attached to that plan. Consequently, building applications that require a user’s provider network is uniquely challenging. Vericred’s Card Scanning API enables developers to programmatically identify a user’s provider network, bridging the gap to in-network providers and facilities.

Use Cases

Pair Vericred’s Card Scanning API with our provider network data/APIs to enable powerful network related applications without building all of the data and logic yourself.

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Provider Search

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Physician and Facility Referral

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Doctor Appointment Apps

How It Works

Pass an image of the front and back of the insurance card in question. Our API will respond with the carrier name, Vericred network ID, and network name. You can then use this information with our Provider Network API to search for in-network providers.

API Calls and Responses

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API Calls

  • Front and back image of insurance card
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API Returns

  • Network ID
  • Network name
  • Carrier name

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