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Formulary APIs

With prescription drugs costs accounting for 20% of U.S. Healthcare spending, finding a health plan where your prescription drugs are covered at the lowest possible cost is critical.

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Comprehensive formulary coverage across the carriers and states in the fully insured markets

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Fully Insured Group

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Under 65 Individual

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Medicare Advantage PD


Prescription drugs are a significant driver of out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Vericred’s Formulary APIs power shop-by-drug, enabling individuals to find the plan with the lowest cost share for their prescription drugs.

API Calls and Responses

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API Calls

  • Search for drugs (free endpoint)
  • Search formularies for drugs
  • Search drugs for formularies
  • Search formularies by carrier
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API Responses

  • Coverage
  • Tier levels
  • Restrictions (step therapy, quantity limits, Prior auth)

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