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Enrollment and Member Management

The digital transformation of health insurance and employee benefits has been held back by lack of connectivity and industry standards. Our enrollment and member management capability democratizes this connectivity and enables industry-wide digital quote-to-card experiences for carriers, general agents, brokers, employers, and employees.

Connecting Industry Participants

The de-facto standard for enrollment and member management.

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BenAdmin, HRIS and HCM

Your customers are demanding digital carrier integrations, but there are simply too many and they are too complex to reasonably build on your own. Vericred’s middleware APIs are the solution.

One Integration, Many Carriers

We deliver modern enrollment and eligibility APIs that are consistent across carriers and even lines of coverage. Through a single integration, you gain access to all of the carrier partners on the Vericred Platform.

Substantial Savings

Whether your alternative is manual entry into carrier systems or building and maintaining point connections, Vericred’s solution provides substantial savings versus the status quo.

API Experience with EDI Carriers

When we integrate with carriers, we embed their validations into our APIs even if our connection to the carrier is through EDI or other file based means. As a result, we can deliver synchronous responses to invalid data or formats, thereby reducing the transaction time.

Plan Configuration and Mapping

We handle all of the mapping of plans, classes, departments, etc. so that you don’t have to!

Normalized Errors

Carrier errors are normalized through the application of a context-free grammar and delivered back consistently through an API.

Blackout Periods

Blackout periods got you down? We can handle blackout periods regardless of our carrier connection (EDI or API).

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We build to YOUR existing means of exchanging data, whether that be forms, files, EDI, APIs, or a combination of thereof. If and when you seek to deploy APIs for some or all of these functions, we are your thought partner in design and your one-to-many deployment partner.

We Build To You

Forms, fixed width files, EDI, APIs, or a combination of all of the above – it doesn’t matter to us. We meet you where you are today while delivering modern APIs to your tech partners.

Clean Data

You don’t have to build APIs to achieve your goals of efficiency and clean data. Vericred builds your validations into our APIs for very high first-pass rate submissions.


Security reviews, integrations, testing, questions, and migrations with 10s or 100s of partners are daunting. With resource constraints, many carriers simply pick a few trading partners to their detriment and that of their brokers, clients and members. As a one-to-many middleware solution, we enable carriers to have their cake and eat it too: to connect to many partners through a single integration.

Secure Partner

Exchanging PII and PHI is not to be taken lightly. Vericred has earned the trust of its carriers through four years of partnership and by implementing the most robust security infrastructure and policies, all backed up by $10 million in privacy coverage.

TPAs and PEOs

We help TPAs and PEOs connect with upstream employer systems as well as with downstream carriers and benefit providers. If you are looking for health and benefits connectivity, give us a shout.

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Other Benefit Providers

Pet insurance, telemedicine, gym memberships, and more – the long tail of employee benefits is getting longer every day. If you are a benefit provider struggling with BenAdmin connectivity for eligibility data, we can help!

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Functions Enabled

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New Group Installation

Installing a new group is complex. Our APIs simplify the process from group structure through member load.

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Member Management

Our APIs support all of your member management (eligibility) requirements across carriers and across lines of coverage, including adds, terms, QLEs. and demographic changes.

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Our APIs support the renewal process including blackout periods … even with EDI carriers.

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Keeping the BenAdmin in sync with carriers can be a challenge. Our reconciliation APIs compare group structures and census between the two and return “diffs” for action by the BenAdmin.

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Error Handling

We normalize and structure error messages coming back from carriers and deliver them to BenAdmins through an API in standardized human readable language.

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Our Solutions Enable Your Company’s Mission

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