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Group Rating API

Fully insured and level-funded medical and ancillary group quoting infrastructure


Traditional and “digital first” brokers and GAs are leveraging multi-carrier quoting technology to improve their productivity and better serve their clients. Carriers do not have to build quoting/rating APIs to gain representation on these platforms. Vericred brings your rating algorithms, base rates, factors, business, and rounding rules into our Platform and delivers group quotes through an API to our InsurTech partners.

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With Vericred’s Group Rating API, you can build a quoting solution for fully insured and level-funded small group medical, and ancillary, without aggregating and normalizing the underlying data and without building and maintaining your own rating engine. Carrier-specific business rules and other validations are built into our API, preventing quoting of ineligible products for a given group.

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Key Attributes


Robust Functionality

Our Group Rating API is more than just plan and rate data – it includes all of the logic around plan availability, business rules, and rate build-up (including composite rates).


Multiple Lines of Coverage

In addition to ACA Medical, our Group Rating API delivers level funded quotes and dental and vision quotes with other lines of coverage coming soon.


Robust Inventory

Our Group Rating API includes all ACA carriers and plans, on-exchange (SHOP) and off-exchange, in FFM states, and SBM states. We also deliver level funded medical and dental and vision plans from select carriers.


Business Rules and Validations

Group and employee location, in state and out of state employees, participation rates, SIC codes, voluntary, and many other carrier specific validation are built in so that employers will not be quoted products for which they are ineligible.


Normalized Benefits

Building an apples-to-apples experience for brokers, employers, and employees is hard if the same benefit design is presented three different ways by three different carriers. We developed a Bakus-Naur Form (BNF) context-free grammar to apply to all benefit presentations. This allows for consistent presentation of benefits across carriers.

API Calls and Responses

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API Calls

  • Employer information
  • Employee census
  • Requested lines of coverage
  • Other attributes for ancillary lines (i.e. SIC code, participation rate, etc.)
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API Returns

  • Available plans
  • Plan benefits
  • Rates (age banded and/or composite)

Use Cases

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Broker Quoting

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Digital Brokers

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Group Rating API Documentation

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