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From quoting and enrollment to benefit administration to digital health, our partners are leaders in the digital transformation of this industry.

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Carriers Partner with Vericred to Enable their Digital Distribution Strategy

Technology is transforming the distribution of health insurance and employee benefits. Vericred is a one-to-many middleware solution, enabling carriers to participate in, and benefit from, this digital transformation with little to no IT investment. Our solutions offer distribution, connectivity, insights, and clean data.


Expand Membership

The days of quoting through broker portals have passed. Traditional brokers and GAs are leveraging multi-carrier quoting and enrollment platforms to improve their productivity while better serving their clients. New, digital first brokers are gaining traction. Partnering with Vericred provides efficient access to these new distribution tools and channels.


Break Through Resource Constraints

Are you challenged by the sheer number of tech platforms seeking integrations or access to your data? Vericred’s one-to-many Platform provides an efficient means to meet the needs of the burgeoning digital landscape without increasing resources, or worse yet, trying to pick the digital “winners.”


Operational Savings

Contracting, security reviews, integrations, testing, and even answering questions is expensive – very expensive when multiplied by tens or hundreds of digital partners. As a one-to-many partner, Vericred delivers substantial leverage and efficiencies.


No IT Investment

We meet your organization where it is today. We love APIs, but we do not need them to deliver modern experiences to tech partners or to you. We turn your file based solutions, including EDI, into APIs for our tech partners to consume. We even embed business rules into our APIs so that you get the benefit of API validation even if you are EDI based. When you are ready to build APIs, we’ll help you do it right the first time by being a thought partner on what the market needs and how to structure your APIs.


Quality Assured

Frustrated by challenging integrations or dirty data? The promise of clean data doesn’t have to be elusive. Connectivity and data is what we do. We have a playbook,we offer testing environments,and we validate data before exchanging between partners,all to ensure a quality experience for all.


Insights and Analytics

Our analytics solutions provide insights into the digital landscape. We offer quote activity reporting that allows you to reestablish “line of sight” into where your products are being quoted and by whom. Our plan and network analytics provide insights into the competitiveness of your products.

Humana has invested significantly in its digital initiatives. Working with Vericred leverages those investments by making it even easier for our distribution partners to quote and enroll in Humana products.
Gary DavisHumana National Leader – General Agents, Digital Initiatives, & Small Business Sales

Digital Distribution Solutions

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Our group and individual rating APIs have become the standard for broker quoting SaaS platforms, tech-enabled brokers, WBEs, and any other multi-carrier quoting experience. Participation on the Vericred platform provides for an easy and no or low cost means of having your products on these various digital systems.

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Enrollment & Member Management

Our enrollment “middleware” solution is a cost efficient means of enabling the myriad of enrollment platforms and BenAdmins while delivering on the promise of clean, validated data. We build to you; no IT investment required.

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Plan and Network Analytics

Vericred offers network and plan analytics allowing carriers to better understand the competitive landscape.

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