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Plan and Network Analytics Suites

Vericred offers analytics solutions to help carriers better understand how their plans and networks stack up against the competition. Our dynamic dashboards allow for micro and macro analysis of your markets, by plan characteristics, network specialty, and geography.

Plan Analytics Suite Features

Vericred’s Plan Analytics Suite provides carriers a comprehensive view into the competitiveness of their products. View premium trends over time, analyze your plan features, and explore your competitive landscape down to the zip-code level, all from customized dashboards.

Markets supported:
ACA individual and small group, on and off-exchange plans

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Lowest Premium Maps

Analyze which carrier has the lowest premium for a given plan design, and how you compare.

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Plan List By Benefit Design

View and download characteristics of all plans meeting selected criteria.

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Cost Share Distribution

Discover how your competitors structure benefit cost-sharing for selected plan characteristics and premium range.

Network Analytics Suite Features

Vericred’s Network Analytics Suite delivers metrics and deep insights into your networks and those of your competitors. Identify your network weaknesses by provider specialty and geography and compare network strength by county and zip code, all using Vericred’s in-depth data platform.

Markets supported:
ACA individual and small group, large group and Medicare Advantage

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Overlap Analysis

View network overlap by specialty and geography.

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Network Penetration

Measure and compare the percentage of available providers by specialty and geography.

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Network Strength

Measure and view comparative network strength by specialty.

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Discover how you stack up against the competition

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