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Accurate, complete, normalized and structured data to power your insights.

Consultants leverage Vericred’s data for plan portfolio rationalization, network design, actuarial analysis, new market development, policy development, and more.


Hundreds of Carriers

There are hundreds of medical and ancillary carriers on the Vericred platform, with new carriers being added weekly. With a Vericred integration, all carriers on the Platform are available to you.


Comprehensive Data

Vericred maintains the most complete dataset of provider networks, formularies, and ACA individual and small group plans in the industry.


Normalized Data

There are few, if any, real standards around health insurance and employee benefit data. As a result, building consistent user experiences is incredibly difficult. Vericred applies its proprietary technology to deliver normalized data to its partners. Some examples include a Bakus-Naur Form (BNF) context-free grammar we developed for benefit consistency and easy parsing. As for provider network data, we solve for the multiple NPI problem.


APIs and Flat Files

Our plan design and rate, provider-network, and formularies data is available through APIs and through json and csv flat files.

Health Insurance Data To Power Your Inquiries

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Plan Design & Rate Data

Cost share (benefit), rate, and service area data across ACA individual, small group, and Medicare Advantage plans.

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Provider Network Data

The who’s in and who’s out of provider networks across all market segments.

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Formulary Data

What drugs are covered by what plans along with tier levels and restrictions.

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