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A single point of integration enabling digital quote-to-card

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InsurTech Partner With Vericred To Enable Their Quoting, Decision Support, And Enrollment Functionality


Hundreds of Carriers

There are hundreds of medical and ancillary carriers on the Vericred platform with new carriers being added weekly. With a Vericred integration, all carriers on the Platform are available to you.


Scalable Solutions

Our APIs are consistent across carriers, states, and even lines of coverage. Once you build to our APIs, no engineering is required to scale across states, add new carriers, and even add new functionality.


Modern APIs

InsurTech innovators are often surprised and usually frustrated by the lack of carrier APIs. From quoting to provider search to enrollment and member management, we translate the numerous different carrier formats and means into modern APIs to enable your functionality.


Normalized Data

There are few, if any, real standards around health insurance and employee benefit data. As a result, building consistent user experiences is incredibly difficult. Vericred applies its proprietary technology to deliver normalized data to its partners. Some examples include a Bakus-Naur Form (BNF) context-free grammar we developed for benefit consistency and easy parsing. Additionally, we normalize enrollment error messages coming back from carriers.


Lower Costs

Our partners deploy the savings from not having to build the underlying data and connectivity to building new features, functionality, and user experiences.


Quality Assured

Data and connectivity is our business. We know that you are delivering highly sensitive functions. Quotes must be accurate. Enrollments must be completed. Data must be secure. We get it right!

Great products need great foundations. Vericred is critical, foundational infrastructure for our insurance and benefits products at Rippling. We could not have built Rippling without this partnership.
Parker ConradRippling’s Co-Founder and CEO

Enabling Your Functionality

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We enable medical and ancillary quoting for ACA individual and small group, along with Medicare Advantage.

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Decision Support

Our solutions enable plan comparison, disruption analysis, shop-by-doc, and shop-by-drug across market segments.

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Enrollment and Member Management

Our enrollment and member management APIs are consistent across carriers and lines of coverage.

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